You can call me Professor…

“Timing is everything” is a saying that, once again, has proven true for me.  Over the past couple of weeks, I sent my CV (aka resume) to a variety of Universities in Maryland and Washington, D.C., inquiring about teaching positions in their Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Criminal Justice programs.  Last week, I was contacted by the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland (Go Terps!) asking if I might be interested in teaching a course in the Spring. 

On Monday morning, I sat in on the current version of the class I would be teaching and then met with the woman who contacted me about teaching the class starting January 2018.  After talking for 15 minutes, she looked at me and said, “So, do you think you might be interested in teaching the course?  We would love to hire you as an Adjunct Professor to teach Adult Psychopathology in the Spring.”  My response was, “Absolutely.  I am actually thrilled!  I really enjoy the subject matter and I am honored to accept the position.” I am pretty sure I danced my way out of her office and out of the building, I was so excited.

For the last few days, I have been filling out paperwork, getting my campus parking permit, talking to a slew of people that are helping me get situated, and figuring out how to best use my Teaching Assistant.  It’s all part of the process for this new chapter in my life.  I am getting more excited each day thinking about how I am going shape the course — I have ordered the book for the course through the University bookstore (I suspect many of the students will order the digital version), I have begun to craft my syllabus, and I have been thinking about people I know that would be awesome or, at least, what type of person I want to present as guest lecturers in the class.

Like most instructors, I want my class to be engaging and for the students to actually attend the lectures.  I want them to understand and conceptualize adult psychological diagnoses — I want them to be able to identify them, understand their potential origins, and be familiar with “gold standard” treatments.  And that, my friends, is the most current challenge I am adding to my list and my life.  





Congrats MB! So excited for you?

Where in MD did you move? I’m up in Bel Air MD quite a bit. Maybe we can meet up sometime!!!

All the best to you girl!!!!!


Congratulations Mary Beth – it sounds like you have a lot to share – I know I’m looking forward to your next post. All the best to you – I bet you’ll be wonderful!


Hilarious. Very excited for the sports aspect of it too.
Terps, Hawkeyes – both great – I will always be a Hoosier fan 🙂


Mary Beth!

This is such exciting news!! Let me know if I can help 🙂 You are going to love it- every day I am grateful for my “dream job” as an Instructor.


Karen Whalen Marketing Lecturer Advisor, Pi Sigma Epsilon University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Hyland Hall #3417 800 West Main Street Whitewater, WI, 53190-1790 (262) 472-1572 (office) (262) 581-3094 (cell)


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You are the first person I thought of when I landed the position 🙂
I would love to talk with you about your experience.
Let’s touch base after Thanksgiving.


Mike and I would like to visit your class to display Juvenile Psychopathology. A bottle of rum and a Will Ferrell movie is all that’s needed to provide the optimal environment for observation and learning. 🤪

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Sounds perfect. I didn’t want to ask but since you volunteered 🙂
I am sure this will feather into very interesting conversation…
Can’t wait!


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